Drive-on boatlift

A drive-on NauticDock system for your motorboat

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We have a new product in our range; the U-float with rollers!

This U-float is ideally suited for a dock for a heavier boat. You now drive on and off the system even easier!

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I want a boatlift

1. Dimension

First, determine the desired dimensions of the dock. A boatlift has a minimum width of 1.5 meters.
This modular floating system can be assembled unlimited and in any shape. Due to special floats, the system is always customized.


2. offer

Call or email us for a customized quote. The following information is important here;

  • brand/type of boat
  • number of HP
  • photo/description of where the dock will be located
  • the delivery address


3. Delivery

The complete dock can be picked up in Ankeveen. It is possible too, to deliver the pontoon. Please inquire about transportation costs.

4. installation

Installation is easy to do yourself. All you need is the special installation tool. Prefer to outsource the installation? Of course you can! Please inquire about the possibilities.


A drive-on boatlift has many advantages. The motorboat is stored dry all year round, so (algae) growth has no chance. This reduces the maintenance of the vessel.

A NauticDock boatlift for a motorboat has a minimum width of 1.5 meters and is suitable for inboard and outboard motorboats.

To drive-on the boatlift, gradually accelerate until the boat is fully on the system. Then you trim the motor up so this will be above the water too. Using the motor will take you off the dock., gravity helps.

View our catalog and browse through NauticDock’s full range of products.

For more information please contact us via email or call +31 6 20 100 140.

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