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You’ll find Nautic Netherlands at the back of the grounds.
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frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are your payment and delivery terms?
For large orders, we will always offer you a competitive quote. We can deliver to any large project, delivery time varies per project. For small projects we usually deliver within 5 working days, we plan this in agreement with the customer. Ask us for current delivery times for your desired project.

How about guarantee?
Every consumer is entitled to a 2-year consumer warranty. In addition, our manufacturer still provides factory warranty on all products of the modular flotation system. See our terms and conditions for more information on warranties.

Can I get help with my design?
Yes definitely, contact us and we will advise and help you design your project.

How much does it cost if I outsource the installation to Nautic Nederland?
If you choose to have us perform the installation you will pay €25,- per m² incl. VAT. The system will be installed for this amount. In addition, the system is properly attached to the wharf/pier. There is no additional cost for the standard installation material.

What makes the floats so unique?
Our floats are infinitely connectable and can be installed in almost any shape. The fact that you can easily adjust the design is a major advantage. Stacking the floats makes our system functional too, this allows you to create a higher platform and the system can carry even more weight per square meter.

Are the floats suitable for shallow water?
A float has a draft of 5 to 10 cm. The floats can also be used (partially) on the bottom/ground. Low water levels or transition from land to water are no problem at all.

What colors of floats are there?
We have gray floats in stock. For large quantities it is possible to have a color of your choice produced.

How do I receive the floats?
Basically, you will receive all parts separately. In some cases it may be necessary to connect some floats for transport purposes. If you choose to have us carry out the installation, we will take care of the entire installation of your floats.

Can I move my pontoon/ floats?
Yes, you can easily move your floats through the water. Pull or push (with a boat) the floats or part of it to the desired location, then attach it.

Does the hull of my vessel get damaged?
The floats are made of hi-density polyethylene, which is a softer material than the hull of your vessel. If you keep the dive on system clean there will be no damage. When the dive on system is dirty (sand, mud, etc.) there may be scratches. Of course, this can occur due to even more external factors.

How do I get my vessel on a dive on system?
The process is simple, you can drive-on the vessel onto the floats by motor or use muscle power. Going back works visa versa.

What about wind, waves and water flow?
The floats are extremely durable, flexible and their light weight allows them to easily withstand waves. Most vulnerable is a port facility with long and narrower acreage. Ask our experts about the possibilities.

What about tide waters?
The floats will move with the tide, so this poses no problem at all. Of course, confirmation is very important.

What about ice in the water?
If the floating system is located in a river with a current where ice forms, it is advisable to remove your floats from the water. If the floats are in water where there is little to no current, you can leave them in the water.

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Nautic Nederland
Cannenburgerweg 63-K
1244 RH Ankeveen
Phone: +31 6 20 100 140
KVK 86750569


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